Preventative Maintenance

A few things that Facilities Managers have NEVER said…

‘That pipe burst at a really convenient time’
‘My client didn’t mind closing their shop for the day; it didn’t affect their business at all!’
‘Do the wedding guests really need to use the toilet facilities today?’
‘Don’t worry about that huge bill – my budget will cover it’
‘The conference room flooded? Oh well, the delegates can easily re-arrange their meetings and rebook all their travel and accommodation – we’ll do the company launch next week instead’

Drainage emergencies can be very expensive and always happen at the least convenient time.  Avoid the drama and put a pre-planned maintenance schedule in place today.

The benefits outweigh the cost.

It’s the most economical and practical solution for any site

Services are scheduled to fit with your timetable

It will avoid site closures and business disruption

Annual budgets can be fixed with no nasty surprises

Clients (and FMs) remain happy with fully operational, clean sites

There will be fewer dilapidation costs at the end of tenancy

Prevention really is better than cure!